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ABOUT THIS SITE Welcome to Barelwis.Com! Barelwism is a folk-religion which appeals to the largely uneducated masses and is centered around devotion to saints with the goal of soliciting aid and rescue and intercession. The Shariah has clearly outlined the correct status and rank for the Prophets, the Righteous Friends of Allaah (awliyaa) and has given Muslims the moderate and balanced path regarding how to maintain respect for the Prophets and the Awliyaa without opposing the Shariah. However, the ghuluww (exaggeration) in Barelwism fosters a superstitious, mystical, cult-like following where salvation is sought through veneration of saints while the self-appointed patrons of the tombs and mausoleums laugh all the way to the bank, selling salvation to the largely uneducated, common-masses for whom authentic religious observance may be too burdensome and in conflict with cultural norm. India had a tradition of Sufism for many long centuries which blended with Hindu culture (Hindus are known for ancestor worship) and many of the practices and rituals found with Barelwis are of Hindu origin yet are clothed in Islamic garb. The picture is of a Sufi shrine at Ajmer in India. Barelwi-types and Hindus congregate here and offer devotion, worship and solicit intercession and benefit from its inhabitant, Moinuddin Chisti.

Between the Barelwis and Deobandis: Their Similiarities and Differences, a Brief Introduction
There is much polemical debate between the Barelwis and Deobandis and this sometimes hides the fact that both of these groups extend from the same root and foundation. In this article we want to briefly shed a little light on the similarities and differences between these two groups. These issues ... Read more »

Allaah and His Messenger: Seek Aid and Rescue Only From Allaah in Invocation. Ahmad Riza Barelwi: Seek Aid and Rescue Directly From Awliyaa Through Invocation
The Meaning of Ibaadah Worship ( العبادة) is defined as: A comprehensive term that incorporates everything that Allaah loves and is pleased with from the statements and actions, both inward and outward. Thus, worship is of many different types, ... Read more »

Barelwi Dance Rituals, Prostrations (Sujud) to Tahir Al-Qadri and the View of the Hanafi Jurists on Prostration to Other Than Allaah
Prostration is from the greatest of forms of worship and is due only to Allaah alone, and after the Shari'ah of Islam was revealed, what was permitted in previous nations (of prostration of respect and welcome greeting) was prohibited and declared unlawful, and the Scholars of Islam explain it ... Read more »

The Message of Tawhid That the Prophets and Messengers Called To, the Nature of Shirk and the Contemporary Barelwi Sect - an Introduction
The existence of a sole masterful originator and creator of the universe, with its obviousness in innate disposition (fitrah) and reason (aql), has never been the main point of contention throughout the history of the revealed books and sent messengers. A belief in an all-powerful, all-knowing creator ... Read more »

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